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There are beautiful adornments in everyone's life.  We are creatures that appreciate adding adornments to ourselves to make a statement, indicate our belief systems, show our natures, brighten our lives.  

I am passionate about designs and capturing them in my jewelry.  Some of my jewelry is merely for the enjoyment of a design and the color or emotion of a gemstone,  Some is just what happens in the process of creating a thing.  Some is representative of my particular love and joy that may appeal to others.  Done well, emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through - creating a warmth of enjoyment for the one desiring an adornment. that will last a lifetime.

My specialties are precious metal clay, gemstones, handmade beads, and  vintage beads.  I use them for Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings.  I honestly try to provide quality handcrafted artisan jewelry made with love.

I would like to showcase some of my creations here for you but if you are interested in prices and purchasing, the links below will take you to my storefronts:

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